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如有興趣預留小貓, 請在訪客留言簿內留言, 或電郵我們. 我們會電郵你關於我們貓舍的最新消息. 謝謝!


我們是一個在香港的小型貓舍,200611月在CFA登錄.  我們專門繁殖有温柔巨人之稱的緬因貓 / 緬因庫因貓 選擇繁殖此品種的原因是我實在被牠們的龐大身型及茂密的長毛吸引着。在這個網站,我希望和愛貓者分享我對此品種的貓一些簡單識及作為一個繁殖者的生活點滴。

的第一頭參展貓是一頭紅色的索馬里(Somali) – Foxhouse Leonardo。帶貓參展令我對展出貓隻興趣越加濃厚,從而興起了繁殖的念頭,亦是這念頭促成了此貓舍的成立。 在這數年間, 我們從沒間斷地參加各大小國際貓展, 亦幸運地取得不少獎項.  這些獎項絕對是動力的來源, 令我們更上一層樓.



CFA Registered Maine Coon Cattery (CFA 註冊緬因貓舍)

Welcome to our cattery

We are a small Hong Kong based cattery specialized in breeding Maine CoonsBefore us, there seemed to be no CFA registered Maine Coon catteries in the territoryThis is ironic because this breed is the second most popular breed in America and are kept in so many homes around the globe!  Stunned by their huge size and amazing body figure, we decided to introduce this breed to Hong Kong.  They are huge but gentle in character.  That is why they are affectionately dubbed the “Gentle Giants”. 

Special thanks must be given to Dewsiplear Maine Coon Cattery (the USA), Manyee Cattery and Foxhouse Cattery (Hong Kong).  Without their support and advice, we would never have made our dream come true.  The setting up of a cattery involves lots of energy and money and is surely a mix of joy and bitterness.  If you’re interested in listening to my grumble and mumble, do feel free to go to Personal sharing.

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