2006 CFA show

Our first show cat is Foxhouse Leonardo (aka Foxhouse Wish) — a Somali.   He entered the first show in the kitten category in a six-ring show organized by Hong Kong Cat Lovers’ Society  in August last year.   The results were pretty satisfactory— the 13th place and the 15th place in two all breed finals.  He didn’t quite enjoy the show in his first attempt but unlike many other show cats, instead of hiding himself in the cage, he managed to look around in great curiosity and gazed at the audience from time to time.  We enjoyed the show very much though, and were particularly proud when  we saw the audience actively taking photos of his and praising how cute and smart he looked.   We held conversations with the interested audience, who mostly asked us where we obtained him, how much he cost and the like.  This is also a very enjoyable part of the show if you are interested in socializing and sharing your experience with other cat lovers. 

The second show was the one held by Hong Kong Cat Fanciers’ Club in December the same year.   It was a four-ring show but was a real tough one for Leonardo because he had to compete with other ‘first-class’ cats for only 10 places in the finals in the championship  category!   We knew it was gonna be more challenging than the first time.  So, we didn’t have too high expectations.  We had one very clear goal, though— to make Leonardo a champion at least!  And indeed, he obtained four winner ribbons and earned the champion title.  To our surprise, he even managed to get the first place, the best of  colour and the best of breed awards in two of the rings, competing with another grand champion Somali coming from the same cattery!

After that show, we had to neuter Leonardo because we had a commitment to do so with the breeder.   Therefore, next time when you see Leonardo in the show, he will already be in the premiership category. 

Entering cats for shows can be a very enjoyable experience if you love sharing your cat experience with other cat fanciers.   However, at a high level competition, it can also become very tense and stressful, especially for breeders!  It is not only a contest of the quality and bloodlines of cats but also the grooming skills and cat keeping skills of the cat owners/breeders.  I am still a very green cat exhibitor but I look forward to every show.   I hope I can learn to maintain a peaceful mind and take things easy.   Otherwise, I know I would not enjoy the task.

Two finals!

Cat shows — a boon or a bane?

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