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The key to obtaining a kitten from a breeder (except BYB) is ‘patience’.  Unlike bumping into a pet shop for a kitten out of an impulse, you normally have to wait for a length of time for a kitten from a breeder.  This applies to our cattery too.  We do not have kittens all year around and we produce only about 1 to 2 litters per year.  This is to ensure that our breeding queens have adequate rest before they are bred again and that each individual kitten is given ample care and attention.  All our kittens are raised under-foot and we stop caging them once they are weaned and are mature enough to start exploring their surroundings safely.  

It is important that you visit our cattery because you need to see for yourself that the environment where your future feline companions grow up is safe and sound for them.  On the other hand, we would also love to meet our grandchildren’s adopters to ensure that they will be raised in a happy and loving family.  Therefore, please don’t mind if we seem to be nagging you with loads of questions!

Pleas also read this article to acquire more information about obtaining a Maine Coon kitten written by Ms Cat Moody, who was once a prestigious breeder of Maine Coon, before considering getting one.   Do visit our website from time to time for news about our future kitties!

So far, we have had two beautiful litters of 6 — 5 boys and 1 girl.  Click on the images below to view our adorable kittens!

If you are interested in our future kittens, please sign our guestbook or send us an email so that we can put you on our waiting list

本貓舍的兩窩小貓均誕於2009年.  在六頭小貓中, 有51女, 並已有新主人或留在我們家中成為我們貓舍的一份子.  在今年我們將有新的繁殖計劃, 如有興趣預留小貓, 敬請聯絡我們.




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