In these years, I’ve started to collect some cat items, ranging from household products to accessories.   But, compared to some of my friends’ collections, my collection is absolutely nothing!  Anyway, I’d love to show you some of them.

My cat collectibles 貓咪精品


CFA Registered Maine Coon Cattery (CFA 註冊緬因貓舍)


A cat cushion which I love very much because of its smiling face!  Bought from a Japanese household product outlet in Mainland China. 


A coinbag with a very beautiful domestic shorthair printed on it—this is a birthday gift from a close colleague of mine.  This cat does resemble my Fung fung a lot!  Plus, the fabric seems to be very durable. 


A traditional Maneki Neko figurine—a souvenir from Japan.  Knowing that I love to collect cat items, my dad often buys me stuffs like this to cheer me up.  And Japanese believe that this kind of figurine brings them good luck. 


A handbag with 3 cute cats printed on durable and water-resistant fabric— a gift from my brother, Martin. 


Can you figure out what this is?  It took me some time to explain to my parents what it’s for—a mould for ice cubes– I guess!  This is a gift which I have never seen on the market from a Japanese friend of mine . 


I’m always mad with Hello Kitty and these are just 3 of the many KT stuffed toys which I’ve been keeping all these years.  The one on the left is my all-time favourite.  It cost me about HK $120 over 10 years ago.


A big-head-cat placemat from Sincere Department Store.  One of the kittens here does look like a Maine Coon!  Do you know which one I’m talking about?


A tissue box belonging to the Henry Cat series—there are lots and lots of cat items in this series.  Want to know more?  Go to this official website.


A vest with a very eye-catching cat pattern—a gift from a colleague again!


Cat figurines which I bought during a trip to France.


A hand-carved stone in the shape of an elegant cat—a very important souvenir I bought during a trip to Kenya, East Africa.  This trip is really a ‘once-in-a-life-time’ trip to me because I witnessed the exciting river crossing of millions of animals in the middle of their great migration!



Nonetheless, none of the collectibles above are comparable with these…..


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