Born on the 24th December, 2006 in Japan, GC Chatile Da Vinci of Nekoland is our first male Maine Coon breeder.  He is a very sweet, adorable but a little silly fellow and has lots of tricks of his own.  He entered Hong Kong in the last week of May.  As a 5-month-old kitten back then, he entered a final in the first Hong Kong Persian & Exotic Cat Club show held in June, 2007 and won the 5th best Allbreed kitten for us!  We were overjoyed as we hadn’t expected such a good result on his new arrival.  


Da Vinci earned his Champion title in the Hong Kong Shorthair Cat Club show in September, 2007, where he gained 4 winners ribbons.  And in November, 2007, he was awarded 5 rosettes in a 5-ring show, in which he earned nearly enough points to attain the Grand Champion title.   (In that show, he missed merely 9 points to be qualified as a GC.)  To our excitement, Da Vinci finally granded at the December show, 2007, organized by the Hong Kong Cat Lovers’ Society.  Actually, he gained enough points to be granded on the first day of this show, even regardless of the points he had accumulated in the previous show!  Therefore, we are proud to announce that Da Vinci is a 1.5 show grand.   Here in Hong Kong, there is a cute title for a cat which attains the GC title before he/she reaches 1-year-old, and that is ‘Baby Grand.  (He is also a Double Grand due to the high grand points he has scored.)  I must express my gratitude to all friends of mine who have given me support since I established my cattery.  To name but a few, they include my mentor, Mr. Raymond Ng of Manyee Cattery, as well as other breeder friends like Mr. Russell Law of Russmania Cattery and Ms. Sarah Ng of Silencedryad Cattery.   But for their support, I might not have achieved my goal of granding my first stud boy so early!

Sire:  TICA QGC Koontucky Jalen Merton of Chatile (a blue mackerel tabby with white)

Dam: TICA CH Shonanncat Julia of Chatile (a brown classic tabby


Da Vinci’s sire (father) is a Quadruple Grand Champion from Chatile Cattery.  We must express our gratitude to Ms. Sachie Yumoto for entrusting us with this lovely kitten.  (For more information about the titles of TICA, click here.)

種公Da Vinci 是我們貓舍一頭十分重要的貓!  200711月第一次以冠軍貓的身份參展, Da Da便取得多條大彩帶(包括長毛冠軍, 全品種冠軍等等), 只差9分便成為One-show-grand在同年的12, Da Da再度參賽並同樣取得多條大彩帶, 以超額的分數成為超級冠軍貓, 完成我們的第一個心願!  亦趕及在1 歲生日前成為超級冠軍, 是一頭Baby GrandDouble Grand !

Da Vinci’s pedigree / Da Vinci 的血統書

Da Vinci pictured at 7 months old, so cute!!!

Breeder male — 

GC Chatile Da Vinci of Nekoland  種公- 達文西

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