Nekoland Top Prince aka Tiger

Top Prince is the eldest boy in our B-litter.  He has interesting white marking on his muzzle and a very beautiful classic pattern.  He has also inherited thick  coat and fluffy pants from his dam Mama Mia.  His marking is well-balanced and wears white socks and gloves.  We really had a hard time choosing between him and his brother Top Man

Top Prince is now a spoiled boy in his new home and is living a peaceful life with his 3 new furry buddies.   We have contacts with his new papa and mama from time to time.  Recently, we received new shots of him (see below).  Seeing that he has become such a big and long boy and is playing so crazily, we were touched!  

Top Prince was shown in a CFA cat show together with his brother Top Man when they were 4.5 months old.   He has not been in the show hall since then, but will soon be shown by his new family in the Premiership category.  We really can’t wait to see how he performs in shows and whether he can be granded early, just like his half-brother GP Nekoland Black Man Zorro




Top Prince 是第二窩小貓中的大仔.  他擁有均勻的毛色, 斑紋及美麗的古典虎紋.  他的毛及馬褲也是最豐厚的.  現在, 他與新的貓友住在新家中.  我們不時從他的新主人得知他的近況!


我們在Top Prince四個多月大時已帶他參賽, 雖然當時他不敵他的二弟Top Man, 但亦表現很好和鎮定.  他的新主人將會帶他參與未來的賽事.  我們真的很期待他出賽, 並很希望他能獲得超級冠軍(絕育組)的頭銜, 就像他的哥哥GP Nekoland Black Man Zorro一樣!

All pictures feature Top Prince from baby to 7 months old.  The two latest pics (above) were taken by his new papa Mr Chan.


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