Nekoland Top Man

We really can’t thank God enough for having Top Man in our second litter.  He is the most competitive show cat our cattery has ever had so far.  As a barely 4.5-month-old kitten, Top Man surprised us by entering ALL 5 FINALS and being made the Best Kitten 2 times.  We were even more flabbergasted knowing that he ended up becoming the Highest Scoring Kitten (i.e. Best-in-show kitten) in his first show, defeating lots of other stunning kittens which were Divisional Winner title chasers!  After the first show, our goal was to raise him well and keep him at his premium condition.  Delightedly, this was fulfilled when, in the next two shows, he kept his good record by entering ALL 8 FINALS and was the Second Highest Scoring Kitten in both shows.  In his third show held by HKSHCC and PNECC (31/07/2010, Hong Kong), he was made the Best Kitten again and was awarded a special rosette plus a toy kangaroo by Mr. Allan Raymond.  We were overjoyed and grateful for what he had gained. 


Top Man was already outstanding when he was a baby.  He looked just like the mini-version / a carbon copy of his beautiful mother Mama Mia, and indeed, he was particularly spoiled by his mum, who was seen attached more to Top Man than to her other two baby boys.  Therefore, we decided to keep him in our cattery for cat shows and for future breeding.  


Now, we hope that Top Man will grow up to be a happy and competitive adult show cat in the Championship category!        

Top Man pictured at 7 months old in UFO cat show (24/07/2010, Hong Kong), with judge Ms Yakiko — he was awarded the 3rd Best Kitten in this ring and ended up becoming the Second Highest Scoring Kitten in the show

The above pictures feature Top Man from baby to 7 months old— the judges praised him for his nice square muzzle, gentle curved profile, good ear set and long body, to name but a few.  Ms Diana Rothermel, in particular, appreciated his elegance and sweet temperament too!   Indeed, just like his mum, Top Man enjoys going to cat shows and is so ‘at home’ in the show hall.


As for myself, I adore Top Man’s beautiful ruff, large and glittering eyes as well as his lovely expression most.   He is also a very affectionate kitten which loves to adhere to his human friends and furry companions alike.   It’s really great fun having him around us!


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