In Zorro’s latest show (24th July, 2010, Hong Kong), he was shown for the first time as a GP, and we were overjoyed as he entered ALL finals and was awarded the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Best Cat in all 4 rings respectively.  His overall result was the 5th Highest Scoring Allbreed Premiership Cat!!!  


在梭羅仔最近的一場比賽(2010724日, 香港), 他首次以超級冠軍貓的身份參賽旋即進入所有決賽, 分別取得第5, 6, 7 8全品種最佳絕育貓, 總成績為全場最高績分第五名

GP Black Man Zorro aka Cola

Zorro is our very first homebred Grand Premier.  He was a 2-show grand and achieved his Grand title in the 2009-2010 show season.  He is now living a happy life with his new papa Mr Kwok.  Thanks Mr Kwok for keeping him in such good condition and taking him to shows!  We are looking forward to some more achievements from this boy, who is praised by judges for his nearly perfect ear set, a nice muzzle, a long body and his shiny tuxedo coat

黑俠梭羅 (又名“可樂仔”)是我們貓舍的第一頭自家繁殖的超級冠軍(絕育貓組), 他只比賽二場便由冠軍貓晉升為超冠, 令我們及他的新主人郭先生開心不已.  梭羅仔擁有高高直直的双耳, 方形的口套, 典型的長身軀及閃亮的禮服毛色. 

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