Yoyo was the first baby I bottle fed.  A janitor of our school picked her up and adopted her when she was merely 3 weeks old.   However, he did not take her home and just left her in the dark stencil room after school and on holidays.  At that time, she was so weak that she could not walk on her hind legs.  She could barely crawl.   Quite terrifying enough, there was flea excrement on her whole body!   Seeing that she was such a poor baby, I could not help but take her home and kept her in a spare bedroom every day after school and on holidays so as to bottle feed her.  In addition, I killed her fleas on her body and nursed her, by referring to guidelines on caring for abandoned babies on the Net.  This took place for about 2 weeks.  Afterwards, the janitor felt that I loved Yoyo very much, so he gave her up to me.  I was overjoyed because I could adopt her at last! 

Yoyo has grown up to become a very spineless girl though and is easily intimidated by other cats, presumably due to her smaller than regular size.  However, she is very affectionate and loves climbing up to our lap for a cat nap whenever we watch TV!  Her best playmate is Fung Fung, as if they knew both of them share the same background and are of the same breed!

Yoyo is a 5-year-old van tabby and has a special pattern on the back which looks like a pair of wings.  She is indeed an angel.  Like many domestic cats, she has a bob tail.


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Yoyo— Domestic Shorthair


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