Much has to be said about Tiger, but words are never enough.  Tiger is the second eldest but the most powerful leader in our cat family.  We were bestowed this precious gift by Mr. Raymond Ng of Manyee Cattery.  

Tiger is a very confident, amiable and affectionate cat.  He assumed the role of leadership since he was as young as 6 months old.  As a kitten, he often challenged our eldest daughter— Moomin, but of course, due to his small size, he could never win!  However, as he grew up, he eventually overpowered Moomin and showed her that he was the REAL leader. 

When the next two babies (Yoyo and Fung Fung) arrived consecutively, Tiger became a loving ‘father’ and ‘adopted’ the two kitties.  He nursed them by grooming them and playing with them.  The same case took place when our Somali came home.   So, every feline member in our family looks up to him.  (Note: the two adopted babies had undergone health checks by vets and a one-month ‘quarantine’ before they were allowed to mix with our existing cats.  This is to ensure that they were in good health condition.)

Nonetheless, there is one person who has more power over Tiger, and it is me!  Tiger loves me very very much.  He follows me everywhere at home and can’t stand being left out.  When I am in the bathroom, he sits at the door and waits for my coming out.  When I am in the study room, he meows outside to plead for my letting him to come in.  He just wants to be with me all the time.  The strong bond between Tiger and me was developed when he was still a very young kitten.  At that time, we kept him in his own bedroom for fear that Moomin would hurt him.  But he hated being locked up.  So, he cried every night and couldn’t stop until I patted him and ‘cradled’ him.  Every night, I had to spend at least 15 minutes in his bedroom cradling him until he was calmed down and fell asleep.   That memory is still so vivid on my mind, and I am sure it’s in Tiger’s too!

Tiger is a 7-year-old neutered red mackerel tabby. 


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Tiger—American Curl


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