Moomin is the first feline member of our familyJust like most other first-time cat keepers, we got her from a pet shop on Victory Road, Mongkok, which is famous for the presence of lots of pet shops.  We had kept her for about 2 years before another cat was introduced.  Presumably because she had always been with humans only before the introduction of other cats, Moomin sees herself as a human rather than as a cat!     This can be reflected by the fact that she is more comfortable with us than with cats.  Moomin was initially rather reserved when strangers came by.  However, as she grows up, she can be at ease even at the presence of our friends.  Although she is the oldest, she isn’t the leader of our cat family— Tiger is.

Moomin is a 8.5-year-old spayed blue silver torbie with white.   She is overweight now and has to undergo a weight control program. 


CFA Registered Maine Coon Cattery (CFA 註冊緬因貓舍)

Moomin—Scottish Fold /Scottish Shorthair


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