Mama Mia’s grandfather GC, BW, NW, DM Tuvets Martha’s Pick of Abizaq is perhaps one of the most famous Maine Coon males in CFA history.  He was a National winner both as a kitten and as a Championship cat and has recently earned the title of a DM, meaning that he has sired at least 15 Grand Champions offspring.  On the other hand, Mia’s grandmother GC, RW, DM Dewisplear Angelique Mayfair is one of the most stunning female Maine Coons I have ever seen.  Inherited her grandparents’ genes, Mia has great coat, lovely eyes, clear marking and most importantly, a very beautiful full ruff which completes her overall sweet fluffy looks.


Mia has already produced a beautiful litter of 3 boys for us (Yes, all boys).  One of her sons Nekoland Top Man has inherited all the positive traits from his adorable mother and proved himself to be a competitive kitten, now among one of the top kittens in the Asia/Latin America Division.  We just hope that he will continue to stay there until the show season ends.  Besides that, we are really looking forward to a baby girl ‘Mini Mia’ which is as stunning as Mia, if not more beautiful, in her future offspring!   

Dewisplear Mama Mia! of Nekoland

 出生日期: 200852

 家鄉: 美國

 毛色: 啡虎班白

 格: 是一名"甜姐兒"及"公主", 不怕陌生人, 很愛撒嬌及被抱. 被抱時會像布娃娃般放軟身軀及"呼嚕呼嚕".

 事: 參展時愛與觀眾玩, 又愛主動結識其他貓朋友. 回家不久即與家中的其他貓混熟.

 歷: Mia200811HKCFCCFA貓展取得第三及第五最佳幼貓(全品種).

 血統 :其祖父Tuvets Martha's Pick of Abizaq2004-2005CFA賽季取得全CFA全品種最佳成貓第二及最佳緬因. 是頭Double National Winner (KittenChampionship cat). 只於年輕的父親Dewsiplear Augustine則仍在德國比賽, 他在kitten時代已取得RW(Regional Winner)的頭銜, 是當年的全CFA最佳緬因幼貓第三名.  前途無可限量!



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