CH Nekoland Fire Fox

(Harry Potter)

Believe it or not, we decided to keep Fire Fox (Harry) soon after he was born!  His balanced marking, clear classic pattern, nice square muzzle, smooth curved profile and strong chin, to name but a few, are traits that make him more ‘handsome’ than his father, I would say.  As a 6-month-old kitten, he missed just one final in a CFA cat show and was the 5th Highest Scoring Kitten overall.  His good show results as a kitten proved us right.  Sadly, Harry didn’t enjoy going to shows at all as soon as he reached puberty.  It is a real shame that we failed to grand him when he was at his premium condition.  Now, we have some breeding plans for Harry and do look forward to him siring some beautiful litters for us, as a second generation representative for our cattery! 


哈利仔的正名是Fire Fox, 名字出於他的外貌實在太像一頭小熊貓(Red Panda/Fire Fox/Lesser Panda), 至於他的別名哈利波特則是因為他出生眼睛尚未開時, 很像戴上眼鏡框的小朋友, 於是便靈機一動呼他為哈利波特!

哈利仔的外貌是一頭典型的, 英俊的緬因,  他不是甜美的類型(如我們B-litterTop Man), 而是帶有少許野性的感覺.  的確, 很多人告訴我很喜歡他的‘貓樣’呢!

哈利仔幼貓時的比賽成績非常不俗, 曾取得全場最高績分幼貓第五名, 可是,當他踏入青春期後, 這名小伙子不再愛參展了, 實在可惜!  現在, 我們為他預定了一些繁殖計劃, 看看這頭我們自家出品的緬因能否帶給我們驚喜!



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