Fung Fung was the second baby I bottle fed.  He was picked up by a student of mine near the school area.  At that time, he was barely 3 to 4 weeks old.  He came to our home with a silver classic baby, which was later on adopted by another student but unfortunately died after two weeks.  Fung Fung managed to survive in our home and grew up to become a very affectionate but mischievous fellow.  He is indeed a spoilt brat!  Perhaps because we handled him frequently when he was a baby, he regarded us as his natural parents.  Now, he still loves to sit on our lap and even sees our lap as part of his territory!  Also, he can tolerate long periods of cuddling in our arms.   However, in some other times, he can be as mischievous as a monkey and his best playmate is the other DSH—Yoyo.  It is very exciting to see them roam about the house, engaging in cat fights!  He is not yet quite into his new mate Diorela though and tends to intimidate her with his front paws! 

Fung Fung is now a 5-year-old neutered brown mackerel tabby with white.  This series of pictures show you the growth of this spoilt brat. (Please be patient while waiting for the animated pictures.)


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Fung Fung— Domestic Shorthair


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