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Personality and special features:

 Laid-back and quiet most of the time

 Crazy about feather toy

 Fond of head rubbing against our palms

 Able to follow simple orders like jumping onto the coffee table when summoned

 Purrs loudly when contented

 Loves to sit on sofa to watch TV with us

 Uses front paws to hold water to drink


CFA Registered Maine Coon Cattery (CFA 註冊緬因貓舍)

We are very grateful for Ms Yoko Noguchi for entrusting us with this beautiful and typey female.  

Diorela is already a champion.  She had snatched 8 winners ribbons in one single show as an open class to earn the champion title in Japan before she came to Hong Kong. 

Diorela has a very strong bloodline behind.  To name but a few, her sire (father) is the third best Maine Coon nationally in CFA (2005-2006) - Versus Ice Dive.  Her grandmother on the father’s side is a DM (Distinguished Merit) who has produced 7 grand champion/premier offspring already.  There is also a male DM in this bloodline.  To become a DM is even more challenging for a tomcat because he has to produce at least 15 grand champion/premier offspring to be awarded such a title.  Her dam (mother), on the other hand, is  a descendent of an NW (National Winner, which is regarded as the highest award for a cat).  There are also lots of RW (Regional Winners) and a female DM in her bloodline.   Naturally, Diorela has indeed inherited the traits in terms of both temperament and appearance from her ancestors.  Click here for the pedigree of Diorela.  (For security reasons, all the CFA registration numbers have been erased.)  If you want to understand more about the meaning of these titles in CFA, click here.

CH Versus Diorela of Nekoland 

Diorela as a kitten.  She already exhibited qualities and potential to become a show cat.

Diorela’s bushy tail is one of the features that both her breeder and I are proud of. 

Despite being a sturdy and large kitten, Diorela tends to be quiet and rather laid-back.  However, she chirps quite a lot and loves to rub her head against mine as a form of greeting when I visit her  in her bedroom.  She is also curious about her surroundings and loves looking outside of the windows, just like meditating!  

Diorela is quick to adjust to her new home in Hong Kong.  She also goes along well with my other cats (cats that are of 5 other different breeds!).   However, she is NOT aggressive at all.  This can be proven by the fact that when our mischievous domestic Fung Fung wants to intimidate her, instead of fighting back, she just runs away.  Her best companion in our home is the Somali— Leonardo.  They are just like a couple licking each other from time to time!


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