PR Nekoland Bonnie Blue Belle (藍藍)


Blue-cream female

Bonnie is one of our favorite grandchildren.  She is cheerful, intelligent, sociable and sensitive to others’ needs.  Just like her father Da Vinci, she has lots of tricks of her own and is the friendliest cat in our home.  She has no enemies at all and befriends everybody at home.  As a baby, Bonnie looked tiny and fragile and was lagging behind her two brothers in her growth.  However, as she grew up, she has gradually become a big and strong girl!  We are really glad that we have kept her with us.


Bonnie did well in her second show when she was about 1 year and 4 months old (31/07/2010, Hong Kong).  She won 3 rosettes in one ring— Best LH, Second Best Allbreed Premier and 9th Best Cat!  We had not expected to grand her and were simply showing her for fun.  This was because we thought only few judges would appreciate her coat color.  But now that she is grand-pointed, we may consider taking her to shows again, as long as she does not object.  Actually, she accommodated very well in shows.  In her first show, she was a bit scared, but in her second show, she was already ‘in the right mood’ and cooperated with the judges well!  This was beyond our expectations.  Among our A-litter kittens, she is, to our pleasant surprise, the most adaptable show cat.  Indeed, many spectators showed keen interest in her and praised her for her calmness and her lovely, though not typical, coat color. 


CFA Registered Maine Coon Cattery (CFA 註冊緬因貓舍)

Bonnie Blue Belle’s pictures from baby to 1.5 years old.


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